March 1, 2008
Moorea Paulene Friedmann
How Moorea Got Her Name

“Moorea” (Pronunciation: \mō-ō-rā-ä, mō-ō-rā-\ ) is the name of our favorite island in French
Polynesia.  To us, “Moorea” represents supreme happiness and beauty – on multiple levels and
in every way.  Moorea’s beautiful mountainous landscape by the sea is ethereal.  Even in its
shallowest waters, where we snorkeled everyday, Moorea has so much to offer.  In its deepest
waters, where we would dive multiple times a day, Moorea gives us a view into an exciting new
world, which you could never even imagine by just looking at its surface on land.  

We also think it’s interesting to note that local time in Moorea, our little Moorea was a leap
year baby – born at 9:35pm, February 29, 2008.

To hear how to pronounce “Moorea”, please click on the following link:

“Paulene” is a perfect combination of Moorea’s grandmothers’ names – Po-Ling and Paula.  
Also, Betty’s father’s name is Po-Ming – so, we definitely wanted her to have a middle name
that starts with a “P”.