March 1, 2008
Moorea Paulene Friedmann
Moorea’s First Week At Home

It was sunny and about 50 degrees on Monday afternoon- certainly perfect weather for us to
take Moorea home for the very first time.  After struggling for a few minutes to figure out how
exactly to strap in Moorea’s new car seat into the cab, we headed home.  Soon after we arrived
at home, Paula and Ron (Darin’s parents) arrived as well to see their grandchild for the very
first time.  It was certainly a mad rush to get things set up – since we didn’t have any time before
we left the hospital to take things out of their boxes and to put them in place.  Luckily, Paula
has kindly agreed to stay with us for two weeks while we get used to being new parents to our
little “burrito” – who is now usually wrapped up tightly in her miracle blanket.

On Tuesday morning, we went to see Dr. Kennedy at Manhattan Pediatrics – conveniently
located just two blocks away from our apartment.   Moorea had lost even more weight since her
discharge from the hospital, so Dr. Kennedy told us that if we were not dead set on
breastfeeding only we should supplement Moorea’s meals with formula for about two days.  
Otherwise, Moorea was certainly a “vigorous” little girl.

When we got home, we were initially discouraged that Moorea just had no interest at all in the
formula – we were stressed that she was not getting enough from breast milk alone and that she
would whittle away.  Despite our exhaustion, we were disciplined in feeding her every two hours
(keeping a diary of feeding, pee, and poop) until her visit to see Dr. Hoffman (her regular
pediatrician) on Thursday morning.   When we put her on the scale, we were so incredibly
thrilled that Moorea weighed in at 6 lbs 12 ozs - so she was clearly doing well without the
formula.  Since she had gained about 7 ozs in two days, Dr. Hoffman said that we did not need
to wake Moorea for regular feedings and that we should just let her wake naturally (unless more
than 4 to 5 hours elapse between meals).  What a relief!  More sleep for us and no planned
pediatrician appointments until Moorea is a month-old!

It’s still hard to believe that Moorea is really our little girl.  She is just so incredibly cute and
well-behaved.  (Of course, we are not biased parents.)  Every time we look at her, we are just
amazed and feel overwhelmed with love for her.  That’s probably what gets us through the
relatively sleepness nights, poopy diapers, and crying.  It’s been challenging trying to figure out
what is wrong whenever she cries – but we’re slowly getting the hang of it – we just remind
ourselves that we just need to go through a process of elimination.  Also, thank goodness for the
“Happiest Baby on the Block” DVD - which has provided us fabulous tips on soothing

It’s now Saturday – Moorea’s one-week birthday, which we celebrated at precisely 2:35am this
morning by singing her “Happy Birthday” as she snoozed.  Incredible that we even had the time
and energy to set up this site.  The things you somehow find tht energy to do just out of pure
love for and excitement regarding your children.  Betty is also convinced that working out during
her entire pregnancy has helped with her smooth recovery (as well as the relatively short labor).  
We hope that this is a good sign that things will be manageable soon.  Thank goodness for all
the support we’ve gotten from you, our dearest family and friends!  We look forward to
introducing you to Moorea soon…